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Painting a blank canvas...


When I was in art school, they always told me to "Paint outside the box!"  The challenge in home design/staging is to "paint" inside the box with 3-D media.  
It is important to listen to the nuances of the home I am staging.  Does this home say "Relax!" or does it say "Celebrate!" ? 
I am often asked to give an estimate of what it would cost to stage a certain size home but I have to explain that I am not a cookie cutter stager.  Each home has its own story to tell and my job is to determine what that story is and tell it to the best of my design ability.  This is always a challenge.  The cost to stage each home is thus according to the extent of effort and inventory required. 
The most important thing to remember is that a blank room does not tell ANY story.Most buyers do not have the ability to define a space and see themselves in it - especially after seeing home after home in a day of home shopp…

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